Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Q1. Why should I visit and shop on ideamasale.com?

Shopping on ideamasale.com is just about quality. We are another name for freshness. If you fall among those who hesitate to shop groceries online due to staleness and inferior quality issues, ideamasale.com is the right place for you. Moreover, our products are priced affordably. We care for your precious time and money; delivering you goods without any hassles and in the least time possible.

Q2. What type of products do you sell?

We at ideamasale.com sell spices of all kinds. Our product range comprises of both ground and blended spices. Our blended spices are equivalent to home-made spices turning recipes into mouth-watering dishes. Ground spices from Idea Masale are authentic and have the real taste of India. The best thing about buying spices from us is that they are priced affordably and are available for purchase throughout the year.

Q3. Are there any pre-requisites to place an order on ideamasale.com ?

In order to place an order on ideamasale.com, you will need to register on our website with the requested details. There is no registration fee. You are free to browse through different sections on our website before choosing what you want and placing the order finally.

Q4. Can I change my email address?

We permit you to update your account information. You can change your email address by clicking on “My Account” and then “Account Information” followed by “Save”.

Q5. What areas do you make delivery to?

We deliver the ordered products all over India.

Q6. How can I make changes to my order before or after confirmation?

Before you have confirmed your order, you are free to add or remove items to or from your shopping cart. After confirmation of your order, changes cannot be made at your end. You have to make a call to our customer service team at 011-65095118 or drop an email to info@ideamasale.com.

Q7. How will I know if an item in my order is out of stock?

If you have placed an order for a particular product and it later becomes unavailable due to any unavoidable circumstances, our customer service representative will get in touch with you to inform you about the same. You could choose to cancel that product from your order or choose a replacement, if available and the bill will be edited accordingly.

Q8. How do I cancel an order?

In case you wish to cancel an order, you have to send an email to info@ideamasale.com or call our customer care team at 011-65095118. You will not be charged any fee to cancel an order that has not been processed by our warehouse.

Q9. Do I have to pay any fees if I cancel an order?

We at ideamasale.com allow you to change or cancel the placed order. After this time, we will try to stop your shipment in our warehouse, but only if that is possible. If we are unable to stop the shipment, we will have to charge you shipping and delivery fees to retrieve the packages.

Q10. Do I have to pay any shipping and handling charges?

On all orders above Rs. 300, we will not be charging you any shipping and handling charges. But, if you buy products less than the amount mentioned above, you will be charged Rs. 60 as delivery fees.