About Us

Imagine you are stuck in that gruesome traffic for hours, after a tiresome day at work and then finally going home. Once you enter into your home, the aroma of home cooked food fills you with happiness and calms your senses.

Now, cut to reality, getting back home and finding yourself stuck in the kitchen with about 50 different spices that you have no idea how to use. Don’t we all wish to have a smarter way to cook? This would mean no battling with recipes and spices to make a comforting meal for yourself? In the fast- pace world of today, there is a trend for smart work; moving from Kitchens to Kingdoms. “Idea” is a dream that has roots in herbs, showcasing passion for cooking and signifying the taste of home cooked meal even when you are miles away from home. The whole concept of feeding people and to make cooking a delightful experience gave birth to ‘Idea’ and we firmly believe that good food is everyone’s right. Thus, was incepted KDM Foods Pvt. Ltd. in 2014 striving to provide exceptional and most hygienically conducive spices, processed using ultra-modern plant and machinery to market spices under the brand Idea Masale !.

Shri Y. C. Kurele, the founder member, was fascinated by the Idea of producing and marketing not just spices but an Ayurvedic product which was healthy and would not burn a hole in the pocket of its consumers. He involved himself in the mixing and fusion of various herbs and indigenous plants with no harmful or side effects.

He had dreamt of a product that would provide a combination of good health and taste. What could have been better than something that is edible and also easily available to every household? This way, Idea found its first place in the hotels of KDM group, feeding more than a thousand mouths every day. The notion of feeding health to people was the source of great happiness and so, the commencement of KDM Foods Pvt. Ltd. is more of a humanitarian endeavor than merely being another commercial venture. With emphasis on hygienic processing under National and International standards and norms, our unit has accreditation from all statutory government and non-government agencies vis-à-vis Quality Control and Food Safety Standards. ‘Idea’ is our pride, more so because it is not here to compete with any other prevalent brands in the market. We are here to make cooking a delightful experience while keeping in mind the fact that in today’s fast paced world, health is of prime concern.

Our diversified businesses

The group has a glorious history of 18+ years in diversified fields such as IT Parks, Hospitality, Construction, Food courts, banquets and resorts, real estate and the like. With a rich experience and splendid history, the group has now ventured into the business of Ayurveda based spices, ensuring health with good taste. We take pride in our diversification and treat each entity as a very special brain-child. So far, we have brands that earned fame like Bulbul, V3S Mall, etc. We now look forward to create the same magic in your homes with "Kurele's Idea Masale”!